About Us [statement describing the issue]

Around the United Stares, Sikh people are discriminated against because of their religion. According to Doctor Rajwant Singh (Chairman of Score-Sikh, Council on Religion and Education), he argues that the Sikh have "contributed immensely in every sphere in America." Singh says, "We are doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers. We are also bus operators and laborers." Enforced rules, however, have affected the Sikh negatively because of their religious beliefs.

Despite the fact that the United States is full of ethnicity and various races, racial statements are always made. In organizations such as SCORE, the Sikh American Legal and Education Fund, the Sikh coalition fight for their rights, because of the ridiculous rules that establish Sikhs to go against their religion. For example, in New York, a Sikh veteran subway motorman was "yanked out of the driver's seat for wearing his turban at work." The transit authority says that the man was disobeying the dress code there are more incidents that have let discrimination against the Sikhs.

As the S.P.R.A, we want to stand up for these people's rights, and spread awareness of their unjust treatment. People need to know about this unjust treatment so we can try to put an end to it and help the Sikh people earn the right to their religious freedom.