Take Action [a method of action]

A method of action and resistance that the Sikh people used in order to grab attention about the unfairness for participating in the army was holding a press. This press was held because the rules set for participants for the army was unfair. People who join the army are not allowed to wear anything on their head or have any facial hair on their face. However, the Sikh religion requires people to wear turbans on their head and keep their facial hair. As a result, a press was made to draw attention to this unfairness. The two victims were Capt. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi and 2nd Lt. Tejdeep Singh Rattan, who were told that when they were enlisted, their religious traditions would not be a problem. But, when they went, the officers said that they would have to go against their religion and were not allowed to wear their turbans or keep their facial hair, even though they were assured that none of their religious traditions would be broken.

This method of action is very useful. For one thing, it gives people the knowledge of what is happening. Usually, a press involves reporters, who can write and take notes about the unjust event that occurred. The reporters can spread the news on TV and the radio to others. This is how a press is a good method of action and resistance.